It Would Be Wrong To Swear Here.

Okay. So here it is. My first blog. I feel I have reached new heights/plumbed new depths in the journey to this. It’s unlikely my musings will be of interest to any one but I will expect high praise and positive words from any one passing. I’m sensitive like that.

Do I start today?

Took my children out of school to visit the Lego Discovery Centre where one of them was poisoned by a Burger King Whopper and vomited in the car park. Wait… that’s not the tone I want to set. Responsible people might read this. People who wouldn’t take their kids on a jolly during termtime OR let them eat Burger King.

Do I start with my family life?

Single parent to three sons. Three different fathers. Might as well get it out there from the off. They don’t have any issues. I have ALL the issues. I can’t avoid speaking about this. I’ve never been the type to hide it. Still, if you see fit to judge, you might as well leave now. It’s How Things Are.

My Job?

See, I’m assuming you were assuming I didn’t have one given the above paragraphs. My issues. Not yours. I have one. I wear a suit. My heels clack. There’s an ID badge.


Boys. Running. The odd cigarette. Lipstick. Pointy hip bones. Fastidious filing. Achievement.


‘isms (the bad ones). Coppers (the type you spend). My bathroom. Migraines. Injustice. Anxiety.

And that. Is that.


3 thoughts on “It Would Be Wrong To Swear Here.

  1. adoptandkeepcalm says:

    There you go – no too bad an experience was it? But…….. how dare you take your boys out of school?

    • gazastrippa says:

      I know H. I paid for it karmically with the vomiting in the carpark and the not being able to enjoy John Lewis’s as is befitting of a dedicated shopper such as myself.

      Thanks both!

  2. lucie193 says:

    Brilliant đŸ™‚ This made me chuckle. Welcome to the world of blogging.

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