31 day challenge – day 11

31 day challenge – day 11.

So, fifteen things I like? Might I fail at this one given the diabolical mood I’m in today? Can I come up with 15? Why are the Fire Brigade doing a mock RTC right outside my office? And is ‘I’m Sexy and I Know It’ a fitting soundtrack to them pretending to cut a young lady out from under a motorcyclist?

1: My children.

The mock RTC outside is testament to this. I have been that Mother told to meet the ambulance at the hospital doors by a stranger calling from my son’s mobile phone.

2: Running.

I discovered this when I gave up smoking three years ago. It’s like meditation but makes your legs and arse look ace. What’s not to like?

3: Cigarettes.

I’m an addict. Numbers 2 and 3 of this list are interchangable dependent on how much willpower I’ve got with me on a particular day…


Oh Christ. I only got to three and got distracted, probably by one of the three things above.



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