Day 22 Best Things This Year

What… within the last 12 months? Because, to be honest, it’s been pretty farking rubbish. Let’s see if I can seek out some tiny twinkly stars amongst in the mire.

There has been some lovely babies born to some of my oldest friends. They’ll make excellent fathers. They already do. Warms me cockles to see fellas who have taken a while to settle complete in the way only a family can provide.

My friends and family. We’ve had a tough year, one of us went, we stopped paying attention and he sneaked away. We are not morose (not in company anyway) despite having our hearts battered, we talk when it suits and make black and frankly distasteful comments about the entire situation. We Deal With It. Mostly. If he left any legacy (other than the young women who persistently email me with tales of what they meant to him, the cad) it’s not to sweat the small stuff because you’ll need all your energy for when the big stuff happens.

My first born is a grown up, out of his time doing a well paid job and carving out a life for himself (which appears not to include washing his own pants. I can’t have it all). We had a tough start. I continued to make it hard for us for a long time in a quest to find something that doesn’t exist. He appears whole and well. People tell me how great he is. One down, two to go.

The rise of the woman (fistbump, ladies, fistbump). I know some farking amazing women. Some I rarely see but communicate with on here often, some I’ve known since I was a tiny child, some are new. Despite being wrinkly and possibly able to house the homeless in our bellybuttons, we are coming of age. We know ourselves AND we know which presciptions work.


3 thoughts on “Day 22 Best Things This Year

  1. Good use of the word ‘fark’. I approve. Continue.

  2. adoptandkeepcalm says:

    You write brilliantly. Still don’t get your feed through though. It is beyond me at this moment as even though I am typing, I am asleep!

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